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2017 HHF Maple Season - Week Seven

Posted 4/6/2017 8:10pm by The Webb Family.

Greetings from all of us at Harding Hill Farm,

The maple season at Harding Hill Farm went into high gear this week! The April Fool’s snowstorm kicked off what has been the best week of sap runs this season. Our sugarbush produced all night Saturday after the storm. The only down side – we did not shovel the 16 inches of wet, heavy snow that was sitting on our sap house roof. It was an early morning for us on Sunday when our live web cam indicated that all the main line connections to our releaser and sap tank were busted. After a couple hours of fixes and laughs, we were back up and running Sunday. There’s no crying over spilled sap I guess!


Sunday and Monday were beautiful days for a sap run – 40s and 50s with a 20 degree low over night. Over those two days, we collected over 3,700 gallons of sap and produced 79.5 gallons of maple syrup. On Monday alone, we hit a daily high for the season at just over 50 gallons. We are also surprised by the consistency of our maple grades this week. We produced a nearly identical shade of Dark Robust for 5 days in a row. After a momentary break on Wednesday night, we are easily working toward a 30 gallon total tonight as I write this. I’m enjoying the sweet steam by the evaporator for inspiration tonight, and maybe a few samples too. I also had a bit of blogging/facebooking assistance from a friend. 


Many of you have asked what our typical syrup goal is each season, well it’s 500 gallons and we are hitting the mark tonight! Will we compete with last season’s record total of 575 gallons? We shall see. This is when we really start checking the weather constantly. Our weather pattern is in for quite the change in the next week. New Hampshire is in the thick of mud season and our second day of heavy rain. Mother Nature is also starting to take away our below freezing nights – only Friday and Saturday night are expected to go below freezing. The forecast shows temperatures reaching possibly into the 70s next week, so the trees will break bud soon. Let’s hope for sunny skies over the weekend!

We finished up the last official open house of NH Maple Month on April 2nd. For the upcoming weekend, we expect to have sap for a Saturday afternoon boil. If we are boiling, doors are open for visitors and sales. Check in with us on Facebook, by phone, or just drive by for the most current update on sap and boiling times. 

*Don't forget - Our sugarhouse is located at 131 Route 103 in Sunapee just below the Wendell Vet Clinic. Make sure you do not follow our farm address to Stagecoach Road.  

An Oreo Cow Update!

Good news from the Beltie (Belted Galloway Cattle) world! We have six momma cows confirmed pregnant. We are expecting calves July 30th through Oct 5th, and we couldn’t be more excited. Hopefully, we find time to plan a fall open house and welcome visitors to say hello to the new additions.

Mud season is always especially tough on the cows. The wild weather this season has meant more work for farmers and wetter conditions for the critters. After 16+ inches of snow, we have had to adjust and bring in clean sawdust because comfortable cows make delicious meat. April showers make us dream of greener pastures!


Speaking of meat, our freezers are still stocked with ground beef, chorizo sausage, short ribs, steak tips, and much more! We even have a good supply of boneless pork chops left. Steaks are limited at the moment, but feel free to contact us on availability. You can place an order by email or phone, and pick it up at the farm. Grilling season will be hear soon

Firewood Orders

 As sugaring season wraps up, we start to work on firewood orders. Get your 2017 order in now! For 14" to 24" length green firewood, the 2017 price is $225 per cord. If you are interested, contact us with your name and address to get on the list. We will let you know ahead of time if your location requires an added delivery charge. 

I will send out a final wrap up of the maple season next week. Be sure to stop by if you see steam at the sugarhouse over the weekend. A big thank you to all of the family, friends, and customers that make this the 'sweetest' time of year!


As always contact us with any questions, price sheet, or order requests.

Thank you again for your support, 

~ The Webb Family

~Harding Hill Farm~
524 Stagecoach Road
Sunapee, NH 03782
Phone: 603-863-6493