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2017 HHF Maple Season - Week Six

Posted 3/31/2017 2:45pm by Harding Hill Farm.

Greetings from all of us at Harding Hill Farm,

We love our customers, and its apparent that our customers love maple! We had an excellent turnout for maple weekend, despite the snow/sleet/rain that Mother Nature gave us. The sap run was less than ideal, and yes we did boil water to keep up the ambience. Surprisingly enough, Tyler did have a voice after giving two days of tours. Van and Robin helped out with samples and sales while catching up with friends. My maple cookies were a big hit - we handed out 18 dozen of them over the weekend. Quite a few people also went home and made their own - see below!


As we've said before, the weather has been challenging to say the least this season. On monday, the Sunapee region received about a quarter inch of ice which luckily didn't cause much damage.

The weather warmed up going into mid-week, creating good sap conditions. The sap was slow to run on Tuesday, but it was quite sweet at 3% sugar. On Wednesday, the trees cooperated, and we collected 1200 gallons of sap. We made a Dark to Very Dark syrup last week, and the grade bounced back to almost an Amber Rich. The syrup count climbed to a season total of 354 gallons. The conditions on Thursday were perfect for sugaring - classic blue sky, sunny, and a high temperature at 43 degrees. Just a reminder - the best sap runs happen with warm, sunny above freezing days with below freezing nights. The sap measured at 2% sugar (40 gallons to 1 gallon syrup), and we have plenty of sap ready for the weekend.

Once again, the weather has changed. As I write this, I am sitting by the wood stove and watching the snow fall. We expect around a foot of the white stuff into Saturday morning. Surprisingly enough, the sap is still running right now! Once every couple years, we get a low pressure snow storm that causes the sap to run even with below freezing temperatures. Sugar-makers refer to this as 'sugar snow', although in this case, temperatures are a bit cooler with a slower sap flow than a true 'sugar snow' event.

Given the current weather situation, we plan to open late on Saturday. That will give our customers and ourselves a bit more time to dig out from the storm. We'll start up a good boil around 1pm on Saturday and should finish up around 4 or 5pm. Sunday is forecasted to be warmer and sunnier, so we will be open our normal hours. Be sure to stop by - this is our last scheduled Open Sugar House of the season!

Saturday, April 1st ~ 1pm till 4pm (time changed due to storm)
Sunday, April 2nd ~ 11am till 4pm

We still have plenty of dark, robust syrup and maple cream. Our freezers are stocked with grass fed beef and pasture-raised pork! Email us for any large orders. Next week, I promise to write about our latest happenings with the cows as we look forward to greener pastures!

*Don't forget - Our sugarhouse is located at 131 Route 103 in Sunapee just below the Wendell Vet Clinic. Make sure you do not follow our farm address to Stagecoach Road.  

Firewood Orders

As soon as the sugaring season comes to an end, we begin delivering firewood to homeowners in the Sunapee Region. We make up to 200 cords of firewood each year, and it often sells out by early summer. For 14" to 24" length green firewood, the 2017 price is $225 per cord. If you are interested, contact us with your name and address to get on the list. We will let you know ahead of time if your location requires an added delivery charge. 

Spring is around the corner, so don't miss the sweet smells of the sugarhouse while it lasts. Be sure to stock up on your maple supply too - visit our recipes page for more ideas on how to cook with maple!


As always contact us with any questions, price sheet, or order requests.

Thank you again for your support, 

~ The Webb Family